Saya Sakakibara Race Report - USA BMX Mile High Nationals

Post World Championships, Kai and I had a few days to relax in San Diego where Kai had been living for the past couple of months. From there we travelled to Grand Junction for my first USA BMX Supercross event.

The track was something very different to what I was used to. The first jump was a pretty big triple and I was not confident at all on it having only jumped it twice before racing. But the rest of the track was very simple.

With only 8 riders in Elite Women, there were only 3 motos and the points from these counted towards the overall result. My gates were pretty inconsistent all weekend but my first motowas the best. I had a good start and inline Alise Post and I was in 2nd but Lauren Reynolds got herself in front of me on the first corner, but I happily stayed behind her for 3rd.

I scored myself a 2nd in the second moto. In the third I had an inside line and it was quite windy. Everyone got pretty wild going over the first jump, but I stayed on my bike and was heading for the lead. I took it, panicking and riding the worst lap of the day. Nonetheless, I still managed to win the race!

Finishing 3rd, 2nd and 1st got me up on the podium, placing 2nd overall on points. I also scored the Holeshot Award for leading the race for 3rd mot.

I was faced with some cross wind for Day 2 and feeling stressed that I was not able to complete the first jump during practice.

Fortunately by the time racing came around the wind had died down and I completed the first jump and tucked in 3rd behind Lauren. I tried so hard to pass her, but I had to settle with 3rd. On the second moto I had the outside lane and I hit the gate putting me a fraction behind. I had a wheel in front of Lauren and another girl on the inside, I started to push over onto the inside after the first jump. As I went over the next jump Lauren fell onto my back wheel, sending me flying off my bike and landing hard on the ground. I was winded but my legs were in pain. With the help of the medics I walked off the track.

I wasn't able to race my last moto, I could hardly walk and the movement in my swollen wrist was decreasing by the minute. However, I finished 6th overall. My injuries are very minor and I’ll be back on the bike in no time.

I had such an experience racing in the US. Now time for some recovery and onto the next!