DK Bikes & Advance Traders help out Will with a new bike!

A few days ago DK Brand Manager Corey Stafford was tagged in a Facebook post about a young DK fan that had his General Lee stolen, it didn’t take long for Corey to realise something had to be done, below he shares his experience.

Recently I was tagged in a Facebook post about this big gentle giant Will, he was riding his bike and was approached by a couple of 15-16 year old’s who befriended him with one intention… to steal his bike.

Seeing the post I knew we had to jump into gear and get Will back on a General Lee, after work I packed up our very last General Lee from the warehouse and headed over to their house. What I witnessed was amazing, the smile Will had when he caught that first glimpse of the orange bike is something I will never forget. He immediately jumped on and started showing me his cool tricks!

After this we went inside, sat down and started to chat - such an eye opening experience. We shared some stories and then Will dove into his bag to show me a flyer for the Brisbane to Bay bike ride. He plans to complete it on his DK!

Will is still a little shaken from the whole experience but understands not everyone out there is nasty and he has so many people who have his back. (The DK Team included!)

I’ll be catching up with Will again soon and plan to ride with him and some of the DK team.

It is truly awesome that DK Bikes & Advance Traders Australia had the ability to do this and have such a massive impact on someone’s life.