Kyle Hill - National Recap

The 2019 BMX Australian National championships was a great event followed by a great result!


My day started off decent, considering I had a crash earlier in week. I always struggle a little to find my rhythm first up, but it progressed as the day continued. After some average results in the moto I still managed to qualify for the quarter finals. I ended up placing 4th which pushed me through to the semi finals!

I choose lane 3 for the semi’s, I was feeling pretty confident I could get out of the gate and have the inside line into the 1st turn. I had a great start and was up front, finishing up 2nd which qualified me for the main event! Being my first year in elite I was stocked to make it through and have a crack at the win.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous walking up the back of the start hill but once I got into my usual routine that all disappeared. I chose lane 4 to have another go at the inside run down the first straight, came into the first turn in 2nd and know if I kept it smooth I’d be able to hold that. I killed it through the rest of the race and crossed the line in 2nd place!

Stocked with the result! Now onto the next!