Jye Hombsch - BMX AUS Nationals May 2019

Following a rough first half of the year where I was battling shoulder and hand injuries whilst trying to compete and rest up for international events there was a fast approaching National Title in Shepparton, Vic.

 In the 5 weeks leading up I was off the bike and limited to what training I could do, it wasn’t until the week before nationals when I arrived back in Australia and had some much needed treatment I was bale to get back into the swing of things. I sure was feeling rusty. I had to work with what I had and make the most of what little preparation I could get.

 For Elites we had two days of racing (Wednesday and Saturday) Wednesday was the “pro spectacular” event where I was feeling pretty on point with my riding, a mistake down the pro straight in a comfortable qualifying position in my semi final left me short of what would have been a great final…

 As for National Titles on the Saturday things just didn’t go my way, throughout motos I was at the top end of lap times and taking first selection for continuing rounds, in the semi final I was caught up with another riders crash in the first turn leaving me with no speed to do the pro section and continue through. This was a huge let down considering how I was feeling on the day.   

 Throughout the week-long event I was offered many accommodations and support from DK Bicycles and supporting Brands. Knowing I was looking professional as always track side I was proud to the wear the brands I do. I’m beyond thankful for the people who help to keep the wheels rolling.